Movement in your pram

If you haven't used a 2-in-1 model before you should expect to feel some movement in the bassinet/seat and wheels. 

Because of the way the 2-in1 bassinets/seats attaches to the frame via the centre connectors, the weight will never be 100% distributed and it's inevitable that you will experience some movement. Don't worry this is normal, in fact, many parents find that this rocking movement actually helps put your little one to sleep. Bonus! 

Modern, lightweight strollers are designed in such a way to minimise direct impact on the frame. You'll find additional movement in the joints and handlebar so it feels "flexible" rather than stiff and rigid. So if the front left wheel rolls over a rock, the rest of the pram is able to adapt and cushion the bump. Both you and your little one will feel it less and it also helps to extend the longevity of your pram. 

If your pram has quick-release wheels (not permanently attached) this can also add additional movement. 

More information on what might be causing the movement in your pram:

A few examples of movement in similar 2-in-1 stroller models:

Bugaboo Fox

Uppa Baby Cruz

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