Brake Not Attaching to COMET range Frame

If your brake/axel bar is not attaching or is loose, please check to see whether it clicked into place when you installed it. 

  1. On the underneath side of the black plastic where the axel attaches to the frame there should be a silver pin sticking out to hold it in place. 
  2. If you can not see that silver pin, please pull the axel off. 
  3. Inside the pram frame if you put your finger inside you should be able to feel a metal piece. This is attached to the silver pin which should be poking through the hole. 
  4. Try to move the metal piece so that the metal pin does poke through the hole in the frame. 
  5. Ensure the same on the other side. 
  6. Then re-attach the axel ensuring both metal pins are in poking through and the axel is held firmly in place. 

If you are still experiencing issues please contact us for further assistance. 

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