Running prams

Our prams are not suitable for jogging or running. They are everyday prams meant for your daily activities and walking (and the occasional run through the rain to your car!).

Joggers are specifically engineered to be able to handle the additional force caused while running. Look out for the following features:

  • 3 larger, pneumatic (air-filled) rubber tyres - typically 12 - 16 inch. These larger wheels roll over bumps easier and result in less stress for your little one. The larger wheels also create less rolling resistance, so long runs require less effort. 
  • Locking/fixed front wheel - If you try to jog with a traditional stroller, or even a jogger with the front wheel unlocked, you will find that the front wheel(s) start wobbling. This creates strong vibrations in the stroller and makes jogging uncomfortable for you and baby. 
  • Effective suspension systems - A jogging style stroller should include some kind of suspension to further reduce jarring. Most joggers have rear suspension and a sling style seat that helps absorb some of the motion involved in jogging.
  • A longer distance between the wheels - Strollers designed for jogging push the front wheel forward and away from baby's center of gravity. This allows the front wheel to bounce in the event of a bump in the road with less stress transferred to baby's body.
  • For a comprehensive guide to pram and stroller wheels, check out our blog here:

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