Comet Wheels

Everything you need to know about the Comet wheels

  • The Comet comes with solid, puncture proof, EVA wheels 
  • Front swivel wheels provide superior manoeuvrability or can be locked into place when moving fast or walking on uneven ground
  • Large rear wheels handle curbs and stairs with ease
  • Four wheel suspension
  • The four-wheel design provides superior weight distribution and maximum stability compared with 3 wheeled options

Air Tyres

Depending on how you use your babybee Comet, you may want to consider a set of Air Tyres to replace your back solid wheels.

Air tyres will provide a little extra cushioning as you walk. They do require pumping up from time to time and are not exempt from punctures. 

The solid tyres which come with the babybee Comet are slightly lighter, more durable requiring less maintenance and are ideal for use on even surfaces or indoor use.  

Air tyres can be purchased separately  here

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