Comet Range Bassinet

The bassinet is included with all Comet and Comet plus purchases. We do not sell any model without the bassinet. 

The bassinet and stroller seats work off the same frame. Once you’re done with the bassinet, you simply remove the board, mattress and fabrics and insert the stroller seat. It will take around 10 minutes to swap over and it’s not designed to be done on a very regular basis (i.e. swapping around daily to use with your newborn and then your toddler).

Comet & Comet plus

A second upper frame can be purchased separately from our spare parts page if you do wish to interchange the two on the Comet. 

Comet duo

A second bassinet can be purchased for twin use with the Comet duo here


  • Designed for newborn - apx. 6 months old (or when your little one can sit up unaided)
  • Spacious, protective bassinet with baby soft lining
  • Laying flat is the perfect position for your newborn while their spine develops
  • Having a parent facing option is particularly important for a newborns development and bonding with you
  • Plastic feet keep the bottom of your bassinet clean and dry when placed on the ground

Stroller seat

  • Once your child can sit up unaided, the bassinet can be easily swapped over to the seat
  • Reversible and fully reclinable 
  • 5 point safety harness with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Durable, PVC footrest protects the seat from grubby shoes
  • High positioned seat makes getting your little one in and out a breeze 

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