Orbit V2 Toddler Board

The Orbit ride on buggy board allows your older child to sit or stand as your younger child cruises along behind the pram. A detachable mini-seat brings comfort to longer strolls, or simply remove the seat and they can stand, allowing them to easily hop on and off for shorter trips.

Please note:

  • The Orbit board does not have a seat belt
  • Suitable for children 2+ at parents discretion 
  • Can hold up to 20kg
  • The Orbit board does not flip up and attach to the pram when not in use. Instead, it is recommended that it is removed
  • The pram can still be folded with the Orbit board on however it does make it more difficult to carry, move and transport

Download the manual here

Installation instructions

1. To attach the Orbit Board to your COMET or COMET plus, slide the two arms through the brake bar and then thread the plastic corrugated straps around each side of the frame and into the side clasp. Pull tight to ensure it stays firmly in place.

**UPDATE: If you're having trouble with the angle of the board, attach the clasps below the black frame lock latch. 

2. Extend the arm length, by pressing and holding the lever on the side of the arm and extend it to your required length. 

**UPDATE: The more you extend the arms, the greater the angle of the board will be so aim to keep them as short as possible. 

3. Next, you'll need to make sure that the brake is still functional while using the board so you'll need to adjust the angle until the brake is able to fully engage. To adjust the angle of the board, twist the two knobs located at the front of the board in the direction of the “unlock” symbols. Keep twisting until the arms move freely. 

4. The angle will be leaning forward slightly, this also ensures that in the off chance that your little one does let go of the frame, they can only fall towards the pram and not backward off the board. Then tighten the two knobs in the direction of the “lock” symbols until tight. 

5. Finally, firmly press on the board to ensure it’s secure and will not move when your child stands on it. And you're ready to roll!

Note: To fully engage the brake the seat will be tilted at a slight angle. If your little one is not comfortable enough, you may wish to remove the seat and have them stand. Alternatively, you can angle the board/seat so that the brake will not be able to be used at all. You would just need to use your judgement as to whether this would be safe for your situation and use your tether strap at all times when doing so. 

Correct installation on COMET plus with brake engaged: 

Correct installation on Rover with the brake engaged: 

Note: straps attach below the carry bar

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