Do I Need a Bassinet?

Our ROVER, DUO and COMET (discontinued) seats are specifically designed for use from 6 months+

The reason for this is that they are not a flat surface when reclined as you'll see below. 

The main risk with putting a young baby in a seat (or capsule for longer than an hour) is that their back becomes curved with legs up and neck tilted forward. This can restrict the amount of oxygen they're getting and sadly has apparently led to cases of seizures (and even worse) across Australia - hence why the Australian safety standards now require companies to advertise the seats as "6 months plus". 

Experts recommend bassinets for babies <6 months as the safest travel option for their development and safety. Here's why:

  • Bassinets are specifically designed to meet all of your babies needs 
  • Bassinets reduce the risk of SUIDS (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death –  formerly called SIDS)
  • Lying flat ensures their airways remain clear 
  • A flat, firm surface allows them to stretch out and move freely which is important for both muscle and spinal development (your baby is developing rapidly during this period) 
  • A flat position is also most comfortable for bub to sleep in, but keep in mind that pram bassinets are not recommended for overnight or unsupervised sleep 

We recommend keeping your baby in the bassinet until they are around 6 months of age or can sit up unaided. 

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