Comet plus Wheels

The Comet plus comes with:

  • Front EVA rubber swivel wheels which provide superior maneuverability or can be locked into place when moving fast or walking on uneven ground to avoid "wheel shudder"
  • Large rear Air Tyres handle curbs and stairs with ease (note these will require pumping up from time to time with a standard bike pump - pump not included)
  • Four wheel suspension
  • The four-wheel design provides superior weight distribution and maximum stability compared with 3 wheeled options

We typically say that the Comet plus is designed for urban living and weekend adventures. The air tyres will handle rough terrain without any issues however the front wheels will feel like they struggle a little. If you're only using it on rough terrain every so often it will be completely fine (may feel slightly rickety but they're not going to break!) but if you know you'll generally be using it off road rather than on footpaths then we'd suggest a 3 wheel pram with large air tyres. It will be easier to push and more comfortable for your little one. 

Air tyre maintenance

Air tyres will provide a smoother more comfortable ride and a perfect for use on rough terrain, uneven surfaces or regular off-road use. They do require pumping up from time to time and are not exempt from punctures. 

Solid EVA wheels are puncture proof and require less maintenance. If you would prefer these they're available for purchase on our spare parts page for $35 each. 

For a comprehensive guide to pram and stroller wheels, check out our blog here:

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